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Service Agreement Brixlane Taxi Driver and Passenger

Brixlane Technologies

‘s Boschstraat 27

2320 Hoogstraten-Antwerp


VAT : BE0551873877
REGISTERED : 2231302678

Latest update: Dec 17, 2018

The Agreement:

  • A) This license agreement covers the service between Brixlane VVB driver and Brixlane passenger by the Brixlane Application Technology, as mentioned above and in the separate agreement between Brixlane and the VVB driver! The passenger takes care of the due amount of the booked trip of minimum 3 hours and minimum €90 ex. 6% VAT (as stated by law) more hours will be charge €30 p/hr. Brixlane will takes care of the amount different, which has arisen between passenger and VVB driver!
  • B) The duration of the minimum period of 3 hours does not have to be consecutive.
  • C) The VVB driver makes his car available for the service of Brixlane!
  • C.1) Car License plate, license number and car type as mentioned above!
  • C.2 Driver Name as mentioned above
  • C.3 Passenger name as mentioned above
  • D) Termination:
    This agreement is valid for 2 years from the registration date of the passenger and can be terminated in writing by all parties at any time!

    This agreement is not valid for Brixlane taxi services!

    By request a Brixlane VVB driver and accept the request, all parties are agreed with, which has mentioned in point A to D in this agreement!

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