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We may charge you up to a fee when the driver have to returns a lost item. This amount will goes to the driver.

You only will be charged when the driver successfully has returned your item. If you like to give an extra tip is a great way to say thank you to the driver.

How to tip your driver

100% of your given tip goes to the driver. After a ride, you can choose to tip your driver with cash or through the Brixlan app. Tips added in the app are charged to the card on file. Benefit points can't be used to tip the driver.

Add a tip when you pay

The ride total listed and receipt reflects added tips. You can only add an tip through the app when you haven't submitted a rating yet.

Add a tip later

At this moment is not able to add a tip later!

We are working on this item!

If you'd like to add a tip and the link in the receipt is no longer active, we're happy to add one for you. Tap 'Contact Support' below and tell us:

  • Give us driver's name
  • The time and date of the ride
  • Pickup and dropoff locations
  • The mount you'd like to add as a tip

How to split payment for rides

Right now we do not have the option to split a fare with your friends or other passenger! We are working on this!

Can I adjust my Tip?

A given tip is immediately available and can not be corrected.

Unjustified cancellation costs have been calculated

If you think that unjustified cancellation costs have been calculated, just send us a message, using the form below

Somebody else did the ride!

If you think there are people who knows your information and request a ride with your account, please make sure you keep your password updated!

It makes sense to keep your password updated time after time.

I lost an object

If you lost your object, please contact us immediately or if you lost your phone give us a phone of one of your best friend or family member so that we can contact you.

Be aware that all the drivers are independent but we strive to bring back your stuff to contact the driver.

I can not reach the driver about my lost object

If you can not reach the driver after 24hr, just contact us to fill in the form below and we will do our outmost best to bring back your stuff!

Keep in mind, drivers on the Brixlane network are independent and we can not guaranteed to bring back your stuff!

The driver was not match the picture in the App

If you doubt the identity of your driver, please send us a few information using the form below.

My driver was not polite

Our strive is to keep the service on a high level on the Brixlane network and all our partners did signed an agreement to help cover this!

The driver was rude during the trip and I did not really felt save!

Physical and verbal contact will not be tolerated by Brixlane and our strive is to keep it professional!

We expect are professional and safe service by all our partners.

The driver refuse to drive to my destination

Le chauffeur refuse de me conduire à ma destination

What are Brixlane Chain?

These are a group of independent drivers who are working as one team and also sharing the income as one team!

Brixlane Chains has a great social life, such as 6 weeks of holidays in a year, 2 days off every week and can make deals with each other about the time shift!

This group of independent drivers earns 24hr and 7 days a week because they work as one team and one company!

Chains are earning even when they are not at work!

Brixlane drivers believe in together strong.

What are Brixlane Swingers

These are drivers who are working solo, like the Uber and Lyft drivers. Those drivers are earning only when they work!

Promotion Code

You can share your promotional code with your family, friends, acquaintances or relatives. After one of these people has used your code you will receive a free ride at the level of the minimum price of one of the Brixlane service that you will use. This amount will be deducted when the ride is longer and higher than the minimum rate of the service, which you have used!