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Your future seems bright to become part of the Brixlane drivers collective group! There's no need to be worry about your earnings when you are on holiday or when you have a few days off! Thats why you have trustful colleagues with you. There are no needs to be worry when your car is broken or have to go for service, we have always cars on the road to secure your earnings! Also the collective services of your car(s) will gain you a lot of profits!

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Are you trustful and loyal, then you are the one we are looking for!


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First you make sure you have a valid drivers licence (Paid Transport and at least 21 years old, but also the right documents to join Brixlane! After we have double checked all your documents we will send you the agreement to sign! You can start to drive when you returned back the signed agreement! You can also sign the agreement online!


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Before uploaded your documents, make sure all are valid and not expired!


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You can easily download the app from our website the Google Play Store for Android phones and for iPhones the Apple Store!

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About the Brixlane Taxi App

Designed just for taxi drivers

Brixlane app is designed to make the cities where we live greener and cleaner. Because we only work with electric taxis and hydrogen-powered cars, we contribute directly to a clean and greener city. The intention is to persuade as many taxi companies as possible to switch to electric taxis and/or hydrogen-powered taxis. The more people will use the brixlane application, the more taxis we can connect and the cities where we work will become much greener and cleaner